Registration and Development

Registration At Antiquities

The Government of India has sponsored a scheme on the cent percent basis to implement ‘The antiquities and Art Treasures Act -1972 to check fraudulent dealing and illegal trade of antiquities. Under this scheme, there is an office of Registering Officer at Hisar. This Office has registered 13,789 antiquities is private possession and issued certificates the of so far.

Other Development Activites

To pay the homage to the  martyrs and war heroes of the three historical battles of Panipat a society by name of ‘The Battles of Panipat Memorial Society’ was set up under the chairmanship of His Excellency, the Governor of Haryana. The Grant-in-aid given by this department is only source of income of this society. The Director Archaeology and Museums is the ex-officie secretary of the Society who regulates its activities and    functions. The society has constructed a beautiful war memorial complex in an area of about seven acres with a cost of Rs.45.00 Lacs at Kala Amb the site of third battle of Panipat. The society has established the ‘Panipat Museum’ Binjol Panipat with the help of INTACH and this department at a cost of Rs.24.00 Lacs. It exhibits various materials relating to the three battles and also the history, archaeology, art and crafts of the state. The department has given stone sculptures, silver and copper coins, silver jeweler and replicas of ancient sculptures and Harappan
antiquities in Plaster of Paris and terracotta.