Heritage Corner Module

September 20, 2021

To inculcate sensitization and awareness about valuable heritage of State, the Department of Archaeology & Museums, Haryana took initiative and launched the Heritage Corner Module for Schools of Haryana

The Heritage Corner Kit (sample box) was displayed at the venue. Dr. Ashok Khemka, IAS, Principal Secretary to Govt. of Haryana, Archaeology and Museums, Archives inaugurated this awareness program by giving the first Heritage Corner Kit to school.

Representatives from Department were Dr. Banani Bhattacharyya, Deputy Director and Dr. Suruchika Chawla, Supervisor of project, who guided the students about program and its significance in their learning process.

This shall now continue in other schools as per their interest and inclination towards the program.

1. Dr. Ashok Khemka, IAS, Principal Secretary, Govt. of Haryana, Archives and Archaeology & Museums, who encouraged and supported from inception till the launch of this module. He guided students on safeguarding heritage which is indispensable part of their identity.


2. Dr. Ashok Khemka, IAS, Principal Secretary, Govt. of Haryana, Archaeology & Museums, and Archives providing the Heritage Box kit, along with Dr. Banani Bhattacharyya, Deputy Director, with school principal and staff on stage.


3. Dr. Suruchika Chawla, Department of Archaeology and Museums Haryana taking the interaction session.


4. The displayed Heritage Corner Kit at the school venue.


5. The students who were enthusiastic and interacted with immense curiosity.


6. The replicas and how the kit came into shape, was also discussed.


7. Displayed Replicas at the venue.


8.Students and Staff attending the session.